Stetson-Sawyer Project

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[[Image:Stetson-Sawyer construction zone 2007.jpg|thumb|right|The planned site layout]]
==Begins 2007==
The so-called Stetson-Sawyer Project is slated to begin over Spring Break 2007 with rock-blasting to make way for the foundation of the North Academic Building, much to the chagrin of [[Dodd House|Dodd]] residents, who, after being detoured around construction for two months this fall, will once again find themselves cut off from the campus (see [[Image:Stetson-Sawyer construction zone 2007.jpg|map of construction below]]).
==New Buildings==
The construction is projected to be finished in 2011 and will include two new buildings for faculty offices, a new library attached to the back of [[StetsonHall|Stetson]], and the razing of [[Sawyer Library|Sawyer]]. The new library will also be named Sawyer, according to the architects. These new buildings will enclose a new quad with a line of sight past the edge of the new [[Paresky Center ]] to the mountains beyond.