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Jack's Hot Dog Stand
== Jack's Hot Dog Stand ==
What a place. Located at 12 Eagle Street in North Adams, this hot dog stand is famous among locals for its chili cheese fries and 95 cent hot dogs and "hamburgs" (as they're called in North Adams). All items on the menu are cheap and delicious. Probably the best choice for lunch or dinner in [[North Adams]], especially when you're in the mood for something greasy and delicious. Jack's can't be beat, especially because Chef Mike, the infamous carrot-topped chef, has an impeccable memory and remembers exactly what each of the regular clientele eats. Be wary of the time however, as Mike's prima donna personality increasingly becomes an issue as it nears closing time and the hot North Adams's party scene (where he is a huge player). The best way to go for dinner is one chili cheese dog, two double bacon "cheeseburgs", and an order of chili cheese fries.
Phone: 413-664-9006. Open since 1917.
They do deliver to Williamstown, but it's probably best to get your food fresh. No credit cards accepted--cash only.
12 Eagle St.
North Adams, MA
(413) 664-9006
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