Green Up

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== Residents ==
Green Up, at least at its inception in the '05-'06 school year, was populated by very interesting people, including [[Colin Yee '06]], without whom the average [[SAT]] score would be significantly higher and the atmosphere notably less cynical. [[Daniel Klein '06]] was also observed on the premises in between visits to [[Your Mom]]. When in the vicinity, he could often be heard singing along to his own music, as could [[Joe McDonough '06]] who also specializes in singing overtones in the shower and whistling. [[Jono Dowse '06]] kept up appearances of being a resident but spent the majority of his time [[running]].
Lady residents of Green Up during this time included, but were not limited to, [[Lucy Cox-Chapman '06]], [[Leah Weintraub '06]], [[Katie Lewkowicz '06]], [[Carolyn Reuman '06]], [[Christine Hunt '06]] and [[Miss 301 '06]].