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Distance: 3.2 miles
===Cozy Corner===
Head down Rt. 7 north until you see Cozy Corner Restaurant. Turn right (at the cozy corner) onto Bridges Rd, which becomes North Hoosac Road and takes you to the bridge at the bottom of Cole Field. At the bridge, turn right onto Cole Avenue and cross the bridge, and then either continue up Cole Avenue to the traffic light by the bank, or turn right after crossing the bridge and go up Cole Field.
Distance: 5 miles
===Hopkins Forest Short===
Distance: 5.6 miles
===Pine Cobble===
A run only for the crazy and the stubborn, this is usually considered a [[Hikes#Pine_Cobble|hike]]. Run down Cole Field, turn left onto Cole Avenue, cross the bridge, go right for a few paces and then cross the road and go up the very steep paved driveway on the left. Follow it up, go around the gate, continue past the mailboxes (don't go up the hill into the housing development) and soon come upon a trail on your left that mentions Pine Cobble and the AT. The trail is pretty easy to follow; it even has blazes. When you get to the top, look at the beautiful view, then turn around and run back down, being careful not to trip on the rocks and roots and such.
Distance: 6 miles
Distance: 11 miles (?)
===[[THE Greylock Run]]===
Run along Rt. 2 towards [[North Adams]] for a little over a mile, turning right onto Luce Road. Go up Luce Road and follow it up; when you get to a slight intersection, bear left, which will take you past a farm with cows. Continue up the road; you will eventually see a reservoir (which looks like an earthen wall on the right if you don't get up onto it and see that there's water in it). Near the end of the reservoir, you will get to an intersection with one road going down to the left and one going up to the right. Go up to the right. From there, it's about eight miles to the top. Get to the top, look around, climb the tower, and then run back to campus.
Distance: ~26 miles (~13 each way)
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