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===Pine Cobble===
A run only for the crazy and the stubborn, this is usually considered a [[Hikes#Pine_Cobble|hike]]. Run down Cole Field, turn left onto Cole Avenue, cross the bridge, go right for a few paces and then cross the road and go up the very steep paved driveway on the left. Follow it up, go around the gate, continue past the mailboxes (don't go up the hill into the housing development) and soon come upon a trail on your left that mentions Pine Cobble and the AT. The trail is pretty easy to follow; it even has blazes. When you get to the top, look at the beautiful view, then turn around and run back down, being careful not to trip on the rocks and roots and such.
Distance: 6 miles
Follow Pine Cobble about halfway up, then take a left onto the Class of '98 trail. You'll know it from the sign that says "Class of '98 Trail" on it. This cuts sideways along the mountain and is fairly rocky, but also fairly flat. Follow for about a mile, then take a left down a wide, grassy trail (the Chestnut Trail). At the bottom of this trail is a 4 way intersection. Take a left here back into the woods- after about a mile, you will end up at the top of Chestnut Rd. Follow this down to North Hoosac Rd., then take a left back to Cole Ave, or a right to finish the Cozy Corner loop.
Distance: 6 miles
Distance: 9 miles (?)
===Bee Hill - Stone Hill===
Follow Rt. 7 south for about half a mile until you see Bee Hill Road, a dirt road going uphill on the right. Go up, up, up Bee Hill (the hill is about a mile long, and quite steep). At the top of the hill, go straight across and down the trail on the other side (Old Bee Hill Rd: once a part of the Boston-Albany Turnpike, though upkeep on it by the town stopped in the 80's, and it has been returning to nature ever since). Take this for about a mile until you get to Berlin Mtn. Rd.; turn left (downhill) and follow Hemlock Brook down the mountain until you reach Oblong. Take a right here, go past the Novitiate Carmelite, and then a left onto Woodcock Rd. Follow this across Rt. 43, up Scott Hill Rd, and then a left onto Stone Hill Rd. at the top. At the top of the hill this turns into more of a trail than a road (although this is more of the previously mentioned Boston-Albany Turnpike). Follow the trail until you get to [[Stone Bench]]. Then either go straight or turn left; both ways take you down the hill with the cows to the [[Clark Art Museum|Clark]]. '''Remember to latch the gates behind you.''' Turn left out of the Clark driveway, which will take you to the traffic circle and back to campus.
===Bee Hill - Oblong===