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Run down Rt. 7 N about half a mile, turn left and run up Bulkley Street, turn right, pass the entrance to Hopkins Forest on your left, and keep going over a small bridge. Just over the bridge, a trail takes off to the right. This is the Hopkins Special trail. [[Diana Davis|I]] don't know where it goes because I've only gone out and back on it, which was a nice run, but I've heard good things.
  Distance: 7 miles (?)
===RRR Brooks===
Pronounced "Triple-R Brooks," and named for a guy whose name was R.R.R. Brooks, in the sense that it was actually Robert Randolph Raymond Brooks or some such thing. Anyway, follow Rt. 7 south for about half a mile until you see Bee Hill Road, a dirt road going uphill on the right. Go up for perhaps a quarter of a mile, cross a small bridge, and then find a path going off to the right, labeled RRR. I don't know where it goes, but the men's [[[Cross Country Running|cross country team]] runs it often.
Distance: 8 miles (?)
The second option is that from the parking area, go away from the road and find the trail. This trail leads similarly along the Taconic Crest, but there is no snow hole. Also, it can be quite muddy and steep.
Distance: 6+