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== Isabella's ==
Isabella's serves up convenient, tasty, slightly upscale Italian food just minutes from campus. Located in front of Stop'n'Shop, this restaurant can seem a little pricey, but the solidly delicious food (with salad and yummy bread included) is worth it. The best bet for students is a mix'n'match pasta menu where you choose from a variety of pastas, sauces, and toppings. The portions are large An even better bet is to go on Tuesdays, generally enough for lunch the next day. Service is attentive and fastwhen your student ID will get you 10% off.
Interestingly The portions are large, generally enough, I found the food (and espeically for lunch the service) rather lacking and definitely not worth the moneynext day. You best bet Service is generally found to either pay a little more for Elizabeth'sbe attentive and fast, or just go somewhere elsebut some have found it disappointing. The menus Consensus is very limited (what kind of Italian place doesnthat it's no [[#Elizabeth's|Elizabeth't s]], but at slightly cheaper and much closer it might not have Linguini, Clam Sauce, Italian Dressing, etcto be to be worth visiting.?) You may miss the clam sauce linguini, but a variety of other sauces and for what you is basically a ripthe calamari and spinach-offstuffed eggplant are recommended in lieu.
Isabella’s Affordable wine is a gem that treats you to a relaxed casual dining experience with food made to order. We were wowed by served, once in some months, the calamari and spinach stuffed eggplant and the variety of pastas and sauces. Our server went out of her way to make us feel welcome and our special requests were met with a smile. The whole restaurant has a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. The wine and food is great -tasting event -- call for dates and the wine affordablerates. Don’t pass it up!!
896 State Rd. (Rt. 2)