Sheafe Satterthwaite

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background and restaurant preferences
Sheafe Satterthwaite is a sixty-seven-year-old-bachelor, who arrived on the Williams Campus in Fenruary February 1968 as a research associate in environmental studies (at first studying and writing about the leisure home phenomenon) and who commenced teaching in the art department, with the Campuses course, in the fall of 1970... Sheafe attended the Putney School in Vermont for high school, and went to UVA. He doesn't have an advanced degree and he doesn't publish, so he can't be a real professor; he is perpetually a Lecturer in Art. He is on his eighth five-year contract, and rumor is that he makes $1 a year.  Where to find Sheafe:* [[Driscoll]] (lunch, usually with coaches or athletes)* [[Coffee#Tunnel_City_Coffee|Tunnel City]] (for frequent meetings with students) Places Sheafe likes to take students to dinner:* [[Restaurants#Gramercy_Bistro|The Gramercy]] (his current favorite)* [[Restaurants#The_Mill_on_the_Floss|Mill on the Floss]] (his previous favorite)