Asian-American Students in Action

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2006-2007 Events
== 2006-2007 Events ==
Upcoming Events<br>
Saturday, 4/7, 9pm, Goodrich <br>
'''JOHNNY HI-FI ConcertCONCERT plus Dogsbody & DJ Fuzion''' []<br> Wednesday, 4/18, 8pm, Goodrich<br>'''KT Tatara: Standup Comedy @ Stressbusters''' KT Tatara is one of the best young comedians today. The Washington D.C. native, now based in Los Angeles is moving up quickly in the comedy world, winning numerous contests and performing all over the country and he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. KT’s comedy is an original style with unique opinions and unpredictable jokes that leave people on the edge of their seats. []<br>  Past Events <br>
Thursday, 11/16, 8pm, Goodrich <br>