Deadly Ten

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Officially known as the Deadly Ten '08, 2008.
Despite Williams' small size and the fact that everyone seems to know everyone, or is at least connected to them somehow, it remains a fact that it's impossible to know everyone. And there are some people that it REALLY seems impossible to know, for one reason or another.
The defining characteristic of the Deadly Ten is a list of ten sophomores that, if you knew no one can know them all of them. It is a physical impossibility. Were someone to know nine and finally meet the tenth, you said someone would disappear from the space-time continuum, as if they had never existed. Or he/she might spontaneously die, because it would be physically impossiblecombust. We're not sure which.
 I don't know all of the deadly ten, because ias evidenced by the fact that I'm not dead.
But here are some guesses:
...oh yeah. Probably all of you.
6.) ?Greg Tobkin. He's an evil genius in his spare time. He won't write a thesis in his senior year...he'll write two. And cure cancer. But at what price???
7.) ??????