Thompson Hall

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Thompson 1st Floor
==Thompson 1st Floor==
Thompson 106 is a good double (’06-’07) and will be a fantastic single (’07-’08). The floor plan can be a bit misleading because the lines are quite faint; the room is actually L shaped, not a large rectangle. Despite this deceptive image, it is still quite large and has 2 very large closets. In addition, it shares a large bathroom with only rooms 108 and 104.
There are a few funny projections in the wall that were pillars when the room used to be a porch, including indentations in the corners, which can make furniture placement somewhat difficult. An additional challenge is that there is several inch thick molding around the floor, preventing anything from going flush against the wall. As a double, these structural features are fairly limiting on your room arrangement (for example, I think it is impossible for the beds to not be parallel to one another), but with a little bit of creativity you can get quite a nice set up.
The room used to be a porch when Thompson was an infirmary, so there is not very much insulation to the outside (i.e. the brick wall you see on the inside is the same one you see on the outside and there is no foundation). This can lead to the room getting a bit chilly at times during the winter and though the radiator does have a self-controlling feature, we’re not that sure how accurate it is. The 5 large windows provide a lot of light, but at the same time they will add to the coldness when it is windy as you can sometimes feel a breeze coming through them. Overall, the temperature is only a real issue on the very coldest days of the winter.
It is a very nice room in a fantastic house, so I highly recommend it!
06-07 Emily Behrman and Mimi Lou
==Thompson 2nd Floor==
==Thompson 3rd Floor==