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This is a difficult course if you are not adept at writing coherent and well-organized papers, and if you are not confident with speaking up in class and engaging the reading.
Has, in the past, been fairly easy provided you find philosophical discussion interesting. There are typically two sections, of which I only have experience with Professor White's version. Involves significant and frequent reading, but only page-long response papers twice a week, only one of wich was graded, while the other was reviewed by a TA. White is very tough in grading papers, but at least you get to add notes to yours during the class discussions, which can help save a paper that is totally off topic. Be thankful for a B, an A is a godsend. Class participation is important; do not
take this curse if you are shy about offering opinions. (It should be noted that it has been several years since I took this course, so it may have changed by now.)
....'''''vastly''''' depends on the prof which you have. Cruz, Gerrard, White, Dudley, Mladenvoic and probably others, have all taught this course. Each prof injects their own special flavor into 102. This class is "easy" in being light on the workload, ''depending on the professor'', but sometimes piecing together a coherent philosophical argument can be quite a bear, if it's not your thing. One might go so far as to say that this is an easy class for philosophy majors, but if you're a Div I or Div III major looking for an easy and mindless Div II to fill your distribution requirement, this is not your best bet.
Actually, PHIL 102 is really only an easy class if you are one of those non-major dabbling types who thinks you're just going to talk about "The Matrix" every day. In this case, you will pose a signifcant threat to your classmates' will to live.
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