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A list of Many Williams students who'd prefer dating over a one-night stand. If you are such a student, feel free to add yourself to the list below in the appropriate category, or ask out one of the listed students who appears in the appropriate category. Alternatively, find someone you like and ask them out even if they do not appear in the appropriate category.
===Looking for women:<br>===*Ian Mitchell '09, 09idm, Fitch 211<br>
===Looking for men:<br>===<br>*Violet E. Williams, [[SELFREG]] expert ===Other resources===*[[Relationships]]. The desired result of most dating.*[[Course equivalent units]]. A relationship gives you one.*[[Making out]]. Places where those who are dating have done just that.*[ EphCatch]. Used during [[Senior Week]] in 2006 and 2007, written by [[Evan Miller]].