Lehman Community Service Council

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==[[Caretaker FarmLocal Farms]]==Contact: Julia Sendor (08jbs), Liz Gleason (08ejg_2), Kendell Newman (08kln)Located Come visit and work on local farms this fall! We work regularly at Peace Valley Farm, a small farm in South Williamstown, this 35-acre farm has operated as an organic vegetable farm for more than 35 yearsthat provides the college with lots of our delicious veggies. We also visit Caretaker is now a community-supported agriculture (Farm, the local CSA) farmin Williamstown, providing portions of where we help the annual farmer and his interns to weed and harvest of veggies, fruits, flowers and other farm products . Occasional visits to more than 200 a local family shareholders. They are also working on renewable energy projects on the cheese farm. The Smiths can always use help plantingadn community gardens, weeding, and harvesting, and working at Caretaker is guaranteed just to be fun spice it up :) Come get P.E. credit and enlightening.some free veggies!  
==[[Forest Garden]]==
Contact: Erin Blanchard Stuart Jones (06eebStuart.M.Jones)Come help us plant, weed, harvest and consume our campus community garden! Meeting Saturday mornings.  ==[[Thursday Night Grassroots]]==Contact: Zoe Fonseca (08zaf), Morgan Goodwin (08mjg), Julia Sendor (08jbs), Whitney Leonard (08wal) 
==[[Hoosic River Watershed Association]]==
Contact: Eileen Fielding
HooRWA is dedicated to restoration, conservation, and enjoyment of the Hoosic River and its watershed, through education, research, and advocacy. They run a wide range of even ts throughout the year and perform a lot of trail and river maintenance.
Contact: Eileen Fielding
==[[Berkshire Humane Society]]==