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Little Anthony's Pizza
Good pizza, but they do NOT deliver on time.
Though by far being the cheapest and tastiest pizza in town, their customer service is atrocious. I once was put on hold for 10 minutes while I heard people just talking in the background before I hung up. On another occassion, their line was busy for an hour solid, even as I called roughly every two minutes. Quite obviously someone making a personal call or a staff too incompetent to realize the phone was off the hook. They also randonmly cancel deliveries to Wiliamstown whenever it's late, they're busy, the weather's bad, or an especially thrilling rerun of Dharma and Greg is on the CW. Colonial's may taste like cardboard with tomato sauce on top, and you may have to take out a second mortgage to order from Hot Tomatoes, but at least they both bother to pick up the phone and take orders.