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Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que
== Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que ==
'''CLOSED :(''' A small restaurant set up like a take-out joint, Hickory Bill's is known to Williams students for providing a solid rendition of a cuisine unavailable anywhere else in the area. Bill's is the best place in the area for delicious and satisfying barbeque, and few other restaurants in the area serve up such high quality food at these prices.  Try the brisket (it's delicious), or the ribs, and don't forget to add a liberal helping of BBQ sauce (comes in "hot" and "mild" flavors; both are fantastic.) Dinner meals are around eight or nine dollars and come with a large portion of meat, a choice of two sides (beans, coleslaw, potato salad, etc...) and a peice of their amazing Mexican cornbread. You can get a lunch special for around $5. The portions are large and satisfying, and well worth it. If you've got room left, finish the meal off with a piece of their homestyle sweet potato pie. If you're in a rush, call in advance and stop by for take out, but if you have time, sit at a table and talk to Hickory Bill (a very chill guy). He'll give you a student discount (something around 10%) if he likes you. The family meal (I forget what it's called exactly) that claims to serve 6 indeed does and is an excellent value. The potato salad is good too.  20 Holden St (Right next to Gideon's) North Adams, MA, 01247 (413) 663-6665OUT OF BUSINESS
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