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Hot Tomatoes
== Hot Tomatoes ==
Simply the best pizza you are likely to find anywhere in Western Massachusetts (assuming you have a rare audiovisual disorder that somehow places [[#Little Anthony's Pizza|Little Anthony's]] tantalizingly beyond your field of perception (and also assuming that / you don't suffer are not from a complete lack of taste and judgment when it comes to pizza, since Little Anthony's is nowhere near as good as Hot Tomatoes)New York). Somewhat expensive ($20 for a large pie), no side dishes, they often don't deliver, and they close too early. However, the pizza makes it all worthwhile. The crust beats [[#Colonial Pizza|Colonial's]] any day. Get adventurous: try the pizza with pesto (instead of tomato sauce) and shrimp, or try eggplant as a topping.
Of the people I know, about half prefer Colonials to Hot Tomatoes and vice versa. One of its criticisms is its sweet and chunky tomato sauce which they use a good deal of. But for others, the sauce is one of the highlights of Hot Tomatoes pizza.