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===Getting There===
To reach the trailhead, follow Route 7 North from campus over the Hoosic River. Turn at the second right onto Sand Springs Road. Take the first left. This is a weird intersection. Three roads branch off from it, all headed north of the road you're on, which officially becomes Bridges Road here. Anyway, you want the middle of the three branches. (Both the leftmost and the middle ones seem to be named Sand Springs Road.) When you come to a T intersection, turn left onto White Oaks Road, and follow this past Brook Road (on your left), across the Vermont border (there's a little marker and the road surface changes). Continue until you reach a parking area (probably beat up and littered) on the right just before you cross a stream. If you come to a sharp turn to the left, you've gone too far. The trail starts here and heads out to the right of the road, through a field, and onto a woods road.
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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="42.744239" lon="-73.188515" type="terrain" width="225" selector="no" scale="yes" controls="none">
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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="42.729992" lon="-73.195381" zoom="13" width="225" selector="no" controls="small">
42.746508, -73.187141
42.713723, -73.209286
42.717129, -73.208084
42.720155, -73.209286
42.724191, -73.204651
42.730496, -73.204651
42.735413, -73.206539
42.734027, -73.201389
42.734027, -73.198128
42.735287, -73.196754
42.737053, -73.192806
42.7397, -73.191261
42.743104, -73.187656
42.746508, -73.187656
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== Pine Cobble ==