Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization

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Unlike NCAA run sports, Ultimate Frisbee is run by the UPA USAU ([]/) and all colleges we currently compete in one large at the DIII level. In the era before division broken into regions. As a resultdivision, Williams often finds itself competing against schools more than 10 times enjoyed impressive success given its size. Despite this, WUFO has had varied success over the years, most recently winning the West New England sectional tournament 2005 through 2007 and sending teams to Nationals in 2003 , 2007, and 20072009.
In addition to sporting an A-team and 2 B-teams, WUFO members are often lifelong friends and frequently come back to visit one another and current Wufites. WUFO alums (or [[Kraftee|Kraftees]]) have gone on to play and coach many NE teams; most notable is WUFO's presence on DoG and Twisted Metal, two NE club teams who are both top 10 nationally.
Every springfall, WUFO holds the [[ Purple Valley Tournament]tournament].
A unofficial but deeply entrenched part of the WUFO culture is the holding of creative theme parties. There is even an elected member of the WUFO board dedicated to planning these events, the MasterPresident/Mistress of Vice. Parties are typically not quite invite-only but not all-campus either.
The below variations on the rules of the game may be suggested by a player (usually by just shouting out the variation name when he thinks there will be general agreement) and may endure for one point or the rest of the game.
'''Dew Doob Point''' The next point can only be scored by a diving catch. '''Dinosaur Point''' Members of both teams must play the entire point with both arms fully extended (Pterodactyl team) or with both elbows fixed to the body (T-Rex team).
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*The [httpOur much more up-to-date website, club website] (defunct as of 3/2com/08)