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''This is an article about the tradition of reading tales to friends and children begun circa spring 2002. For information on the tale-telling in the [[Paresky Center]] informally known by the same name, see [[Let Me Tell You A Story]].
Storytime is a tradition of gathering together to tell and listen to stories. The stories are usually fairy, folk, or modern bedtime tales, though this is usually of the host's choosing. The setting has evolved over the years, but always attempts to capture a milieu of innocence, usually in a cozy environment.
Presently, Storytime is an event for local children at the [[Williamstown Public Library]] organized and performed by Williams students. To join or attend, contact [[Ariel Heyman]], '08, at <email></email>.
Storytime should not be confused with [[Let Me Tell You A Story]], commonly also known as "Storytime"