Alpine Skiing

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In college racing, each competition (called "carnivals" after the various winter carnivals they are associated with) consists of two days of racing, one of slalom and one of GS (giant slalom), in which all of the teams in the league compete. Each team enters six men and six women for the entire weekend, and the top three finishers from each team contribute to the team score. The nordic team is scored in a similar manner.
The Williams carnival [[Winter Carnival]] is one of the three permanent carnivals on the circuit, Darmouth and Middlebury also have yearly carnivals, whereas the other member schools rotate hosting privileges. The men's alpine team has had an enviable record in the last two years at this event, winning the overall both years, as well as putting multiple Williams racers at the top of the podium. Charles Christianson 08' won the GS in 05', and the slalom in 06', while Eric Mann took the GS victory in 06'.
The Williams team competes in the Division I EISA (Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association), which in recent years has become one of the most competitive circuits in North America, sending multiple racers from its ranks onto the national team, as well as national teams for other countries. The member schools include Bates, Colby, Dartmouth, Harvard, Middlebury, St. Lawrence, St. Michael's, University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, and Williams. Also, because most carnivals are run under FIS (Federation Internationale du Ski) rules, a number of independent racers also compete.
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