Deadly Ten

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3.) Hope Tammany. Often called with Tamanny Hope. She's that sidelined. She is also known to beat people up on occasion, sometimes even rendering them useless on the floor of the B.
4.) Chris Paci. This one is particularly difficult due to the fact that he is taking/auditing not 4, not 5, but 7 classes, as well as his penchant for impromptu day trips to Prague.
5.) Corey Beverly. Sure, you might be friends with him on facebook or have seen him rocking out with Wyclef, but who can REALLY say that they know him?
6.) Greg Tobkin. He's an evil genius in his spare time. He won't write a thesis in his senior year...he'll write two. And cure cancer. But at what price???
7.) ?? [Briefly Teng Jian Khoo, who shouldn't be on this page, because he's an '09. In your face, 09ras.]
8.) ???
9.) ???????
10.) ???????
For the flip side of the coin, see [ the Undeadly Ten].