Lehman Community Service Council

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Earthquake Relief Fellowship
The only year-round, non-profit, independent film house in the Berkshires. Last year we organized the Canned Film Festival and other collection drives with Images, and [[SSJ]] has begun work with Images for their Social Justice Film Series. Working with the theatre can take many forms, from cleaning and maintenance to taking and organizing canned food drives.
==Earthquake Relief Fellowship==
Contact: Prassanna Raman (08pr) and Uzaib Saya (08uys)
==Angel Project==
Contact: [mailto:MaryEager@USE.SALVATIONARMY.ORG Captain Mary Eager], North Adams Salvation Army, (413) 663-7987
Collecting toys for area children for the holidays - get houses, teams, departments, offices, etc. to 'sponsor' a child. Contact Mary in October or so and get in touch with [ Barb Agostini] in the Campus Life Office [(413) 597-2546] - she will be very helpful with the collection of the gifts. Generally around $40-$60 should be spent per child, so groups can use this to decide how many children they want to take. Try to put out an initial ad blitz to the Williams community (including faculty and staff) before Thanksgiving to get it on everyone's radar. Most people will sign up the week after Thanksgiving, giving them about two or so weeks, as gifts are usually due on the Friday of finals (it's best to set a soft deadline of Thursday, since almost everyone will get the presents in late).