Travel for Cheap

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:This is the best time in your life to travel! You have time and...little money. But with a little creativity and a lot of dedication, you can get anywhere you want, even *[[ around the world|world]] for minimum greenbacks! Look below for how-to:
:Everyone has heard about the big airlines; Continental, American, Delta. They have hundreds of destinations around the world, and tout their comfort and service. But what do college students care about comfort! Where ever you are going, check for Low Cost Carriers (LCC). These are airlines specifically in the business to cut costs and compete on price. The most famous recently is in Europe, Ryanair. But we have some here in the states as well::US Airways:JetBlue:Virgin American:Southwest:Skybus (now bankrupt)
Look online for more!
===Search for and Acquiring Cheap Tickets===:Many people have heard about ticket search engines like, Orbitz, and [ Kayak] (only the last one is hyperlinked because the others suck). But if you are truly committed to saving money, you have to do more than simply search on these sites. Here is the three step process