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Find Accommodations
===Find Accommodations===
Eating and sleeping are the most costlyactivities on any trip (looking around is free). Basically there are two types of places to sleep; the ones you pay for, and the ones you don't. And that was not meant to imply anything. :'''Free Accommodations'''Use [ CouchSurfing]. Here is a New York Times [ Article] about it. You sign up, get a few references from your friends that are already couchsurfers, and then search the place you want to go. Europe seems to be a particularly great place to Couchsurf. The advantages are:You sleep for free:You meet people who can show you around.:Sometimes, you end up good friends with the people you stay with :'''Paid Accomodations'''Well, there is not much to share here. Everyone knows how to book an hotel. Lets just say, definitions of sleeping accommodations vary from country to country. For example, in South America a hostel has rooms with two beds, maybe private bathrooms, and a laid back, "backpacker" atmosphere. In Europe and the United States, a hostel means you stay in a room with six bunk beds and there are no facilities. In Puerto Rico a hostel means a room with mirrors on three sides and the ceiling, a double bed without sheets, and posters for condoms, alcohol, and breakfast. You get the picture.