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'''I-Peers''', "International Peers," is a coalition of Williams of foreign citizenship serving prospective and incoming international students by facilitating their preparation for, and transition into, life at Williams.
Listed in alphabetical order by first name, with country of origin.
*[|Ang Li] (China) *[|Antoniya Aleksandrova] (Bulgaria)*[|Aom Wisa Kitichaiwat] (Thailand)*[|Burge Abiral] (Turkey) *[|Ceyhun Arslan] (Turkey) *[|Douglas Onyango] (Kenya)*[ Glenn G. Yong Zong Zheng] (Singapore) *[|Jasper Scheppe] (Germany) *[|Laura Huang] (USA) *[|Leanne Lin] (Taiwan) *[|Ma Khin Pyi Son] (Burma) *[|Muhammad Asad Liaqat] (Pakistan) *[|Petya Miteva] (Bulgaria) *[|Ran Bi] (China) *[|Rokimi Khawlhring] (India) *[|Tanvir Hussain] (Bangladesh) *[|Thuy Phung] (Vietnam) *[|Wentao Xiong] (China) *[|Yue-yi Hwa] (Malaysia) *[|Yuzhong (Jeffery) Meng] (China) *[|Zhaoning (Nancy) Wang] (China)
If you are interested to learn more about I-Peers, please contact Leanne (ll1@), Ceyhun (cca1@) or Tanvir (10tmh@).