WCFM Williamstown 91.9 FM

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And -- has a transmitter as powerful as a good hair dryer!
Check out our [ Shoutcast stream] to listen in over the tubes of the Internetin near-CD quality. You can always, though, tune your radios to 91.9 FM if you are within 10 miles of campus.
If you are interested in becoming a DJ, please email Emilie Voight at, and we will get you hooked up at one of our Notorious (for becoming spontaneous parties) DJ Training Sessions. DJs gain the privilege of enjoying all of WCFMs exclusive hot-hot-hot member's only benefits: incredible music library, sweet sound equipment good for rocking your own face off, bring the two best concerts Williams College experiences each year, being a part of an team of awesome if haphazard people.
* Technical Director: Chuck Kollmer
* Chief Technical Engineer: Paul Willey
* Production Director:Alex Mokover
* Programming Director: Alex Mokover
* Sport Director: