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Mezze Bar and Bistro
==Mezze Bar and Bistro==
Located a couple of stores before on Water Street Booksjust next door to The Browns. The fancy restaurant you get your parents food is delicious and although it's called new American cuisine, the menu seems to take you to when they're in townfocus on foods from local farms and artisan cheesemakers, which is cool and on par with the sustainable green movement. Warm atmosphere, cozy bar and really great service. Nice [ website], too.
Possibly Newish Chef Joji Sumi has added a few menu items that reflect his background, blending classic French technique with the influences of his Japanese heritage. His “small plate” Gyoza (Japanese dumplings filled with pork) are a hit and the most stuck-up place around- there daily specials are many other places around that always interesting. Not all new dishes have a Japanese accent, however, and the entrees I would go to before I would ever go back to Mezze've tried are all really good. Gideon's is Worth a nice alternative visit for a classy atmosphere minus sure. If your parents are in town, get them to foot the snooty attitudes.bill and order every course!
The food Dinner nightly at Mezze is hit or miss. I've been blown away by some entree specials, and have returned others to the kitchen5pm. 16 Water Street Williamstown, Ma 01267 (413)
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