Chinese-American Student Organization

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CASO (Chinese-American Student Organization) is committed to promoting Chinese culture and addressing Chinese-American issues. Everyone is welcome to join. Major campus-wide events in the past have included Moon Festival (fall), Chinese New Year (spring), and Night Market (Asian American Heritage Month). There are also various activities - dumpling making, sushi rolling, trips, movie nights, etc. - throughout the year geared more towards members. Meeting are usually held over dinner and attended by both the board and general members.
'''20082009-2009 2010 CASO Board'''
Co-Chairs: Xin (Tina) Zeng Tasha Chu '11 and Yibai Li Lily Wong '1012
Treasurer: Tasha Chu Laura Dos Reis '1112
Secretary: Donald B. Maruyama '12
MinCo Rep: Lily V. Wong '12
AASiA Rep: Alda Chan '09
Publicity: Yu Rim Rebecca Chung '11
Social Events Coordinator: Guannan (Jackson) Lu '12
Historian: Nancy M. Dong '11
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