Rugby Football Club

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The women's rugby team (WWRFC) has been around since 1976, boasts a run to nationals, and Division II membership. The team consists of ex-JV soccer players, softball playersex-softballers, volleyball ex-field hockey players, burnt out high school varsity athletes, and anyone else looking to stay in shape.
The women's team also practices on Cole Field, but put in a full ten hours of weekly practice, unlike their male counterparts. Practice is Monday-Fridays from 4-6pm at cole field. Team traditions include Jersey Week, Rugby Goddess Week, Tea Parties, and various others. Each year includes 2 full-seasons with A and B-side games, a spring break trip, and general awesomeness.
The women's team motto is 'scite terroris' which loosely translates to "know fear."
Wanna join? Email 08jgb 10hsr or 08kmd10ras. Experience is not expected :)
[ Williams Women's Rugby Football Club website]
Maddie Jones '09 plays rugby. She's kinda a big deal...even at Oxford.