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Helen's Place
== Helen's Place ==
The professors' [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining#Subway|Subway]] -- twice the quality at twice the price. In [[Jonathan_Landsman|this author's]] opinion, not really practical for students unless you are getting treated by a prof. Think yuppie. Light and interesting [[Great sandwiches|sandwich]] options that will meet a standard appetite, but you pay for it. Bidding starts at ~$7.50. Tasty, with freshest ingredients of all local sandwich shops. If Subway is not good enough, better you stop walking at [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining#Pappa Charlie's Deli|Pappa Charlie's]]. If you want that touch of class with the meal, hit up their juice bar downstairs.  60 Spring St. Williamstown, MA 413.458.1360closed down
== Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que ==