Woodbridge House

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[[Category:Student Housing]]
Woodbridge is a student residence located at 17 Park Street. According to the [ B&G Property Book], Woodbridge was built c. 1900 and was converted to student housing in 19001977. According to [ Housing], Luther Dana Woodbridge (18)'72 died in the house in 1899. Go figure. 
Currently, Woodbridge House is occupied by some of the coolest people on campus.
A groundhog, or woodchuck, lives under its porch, leading to the house tongue-twister: How much woodbridge couldbridge a woodbridgechuck chuckif a woodbridgechuck couldbridge chuck woodbridge? Woodbridge is often regarded as the best co-op on campus. Not only does it provide the most housing, its ideal location and sizable rooms have left many prospective juniors wanting for several years. The general coziness of the house is accentuated by its exposed wooden beams, sunshine-yellow walls, easy-to-reach ceilings, and complete lack of level surfaces (especially room 203). Also of note is the Jack and Jill bathroom connecting rooms 201 and 210. Luckily, Woodbridge has been made available to the Williams student population again after a several year hiatus from the co-op draw.