Asian-American Students in Action

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Asian American Students in Action (AASiA), as the umbrella organization for [[Chinese-American Student Organization]] (CASO), [[Koreans of Williams]] (KOW), [[South Asian Students Association]] (SASA), [[Vietnamese Students Association]] (VSA), and [[Asian Theater ProjectDance Troupe]] (ATPADT), is committed to facilitation, interaction, and communication among these groups. AASiA is also an independent group, separate from the subgroups, with its own goals and activities and works to foster Asian American awareness in the Williams community. AASiA is also prepared to act as the representative of the subgroups in large events jointly sponsored with other organizations on campus. Through social activities, intellectual discussions, and political activism, AASiA strives to provide a forum for community-building and cross-cultural exchange.
== AASiA Board ==
'''20082012-2009 2013 AASiA Board'''<br>Co-Chairs: Laura Huang Melinda Wang '11 14 and Greg Kim Anna Zhou '11 14<br>Treasurer: Yibai Li Fiona Dang '10 15<br>Secretary/Historian: Akemi Ueda Si Young Mah '11 14<br>MinCo Representative: Faisal Khan Corbin Chu '11 15<br>PR RepresentativesDirector: Tasha Chu '11, Tina Zeng Gloria Joo '11 15<br>Political Action CoordinatorGeneral Meeting Coordinators: Alex Ratte Linda Chu '09 <br>Social Events Coordinator: Eugene Won 14, Jamie Baik '09 <br>Historian: Rena Xie 14, Frank Zheng '09 <br>SASA Rep: Makisha Maier '10 <br>CASO Rep: Alda Chan '09 <br>KOW Rep: <br>14<br>
== Previous AASiA Boards ==
'''2011-2012 AASiA Board'''<br>
Co-Chairs: Danny Guo '13 and Jamie Baik '14<br>
Treasurer: Isabel Yoon '14<br>
Secretary: Si Young Mah '14<br>
MinCo Representative: Linda Chu '14<br>
PR Director: Gloria Joo '15<br>
Political Action Coordinator: Lily Wong '12<br>
Social Events Coordinator: Won-jun Kuk '14<br>
Historian: Anna Zhou '14<br><br>
'''2010-2011 AASiA Board'''<br>
Co-Chairs: Greg Kim '11 and Seohee Kim '11<br>
Treasurer: Mo Zhu '11<br>
Secretary: Andrew Chen '11<br>
MinCo Representative: Danny Guo '13/ Isabel Yoon '14<br>
PR Representatives: Jamie Baik '14<br>
Political Action Coordinator: Patrick Lin '13<br>
Social Events Coordinator: Nancy Dong '11<br>
Historian: Roxy Wang '14<br>
SASA Rep: <br>
CASO Rep: Melinda Wang '14<br>
KOW Rep: Eunice Baek '13<br><br>
'''2009-2010 AASiA Board'''<br>
Social Events Coordinator: Greg Kim '11 <br>
Historian: Lily Wong '12<br>
SASA Rep: Farhan Gilani '12<br>
CASO Rep: Cecilia Ho '13 <br>
KOW Rep: Boyoung Yoon '12 <br><br>
SASA Rep: Makisha Maier '10 <br>
CASO Rep: Alda Chan '09 <br>
KOW Rep: Kari Yook '12 <br><br>
'''2007-2008 AASiA Board'''<br>
== See also: ==
* [ /student-groups/aasia/ The AASiA website]