Dining Halls

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[[WilliamsCategory:Resources]]' There are four excellent dining halls on the Williams campus that serve meals to students on a dining services [[meal plan]]. They are:*[[Driscoll Dining Hall]]*[[Dodd Dining Hall]]*[[Mission Dining Hall]]*[[Greylock Dining Hall]]*[[Whitman's Marketplace]]Before the beginning of the project to rebuild the student center, [[Baxter Hall|Baxter]] held the campus's fifth and most central dining hall. The [[Paresky Center]] holds the most fried-food-intensive dining hall on campus - [[Whitman's Marketplace]].
*[[Dodd]]*[[Driscoll]], once aka, "[[The Dirty D]]".*[Dining hall hours can be found [Greylock]]*[[Mission]] Until the [[summer of 2004]], Williams had a fifth http://dining hall in the center of campus, called [[Baxter]]. It was demolished during the [[Baxter Reconstruction Project]]williams. The new [[student center]edu/dining-hours/ here] that will replace Baxter will include several new dining facilities.