Aural Pleasure

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One hour show on [[WCFM_Williamstown_91.9_FM]] [ WCFM]hosted by DJ Betsy every Monday from 4-5 PM. Show was previously titled ''Proper Mixing is Essential'', with guest stars Dr. Gratch, Pablo Boris Upjohn, and Sarah Corwin. This year my show is called ''aural pleasure''..cos you know how there are some songs that are just hot (meaning you either want to have the lead singer's babies, you just cant get the song outta your head, your heart beats a little faster, there's a rush of blood to the head) while other bands/songs lack the hot example of a band that lacks hot factor is dave matthews band..they're good but they dont make you want to be like omg this song is insane and maybe it's also cos dave matthews voice isn't very sexy...btw bono, sting, and the lead singer from pink floyd are still hot even though they're really old..but unfortunately robert plant from led zeppelin who was verry very hot in his day is now really ugly b/c he smoked too much pot. I'm going to get shot for saying this but mick jagger and the beatles were never hot.