Gospel Choir

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The Williams College Gospel Choir is an a group of students dedicated to fellowship with one another and raising our voices high in praise to the Lord we love.
Our Mission: The Williams College Gospel Choir is a Christian based group that worships God through song and prayer. The goal of Gospel Choir is to foster love and compassion among the members of the choir through worship. We invite all people, of all faiths, to come and worship with us as we sing and pray to God. We hope that by exposing our members and the campus at large to this worship, our student body will become full of caring individuals who realize that college is a difficult experience and that we all need each other to survive here at Williams. Since we are aware of this, all of our concerts are held during the first Saturday of reading period to provide comfort for students during this stressful time. We hope that through our worship the students on this campus may know about the love of God and see all the support and protection we receive from Him to help us through each day.
* Gabe Cervantes, '13 Treasurer
* Don Polite, '13 Chaplain
Visit the Williams Gospel Choir website at: