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Talents possessed by past and present members of Ephoria include, but are by no means limited to: the Chipmunk Face, creative ankle stretches, living in interesting places (like Hawaii and Connecticut), african dance, really good hair, looking vaguely like a Disney cartoon animal, vodka walks, simultaneous singing and hiking, blackboard animal drawing, flip cup, losing at flip cup, and vacuuming.
Current Ephoria members:<p> <b> CURRENT EPHORIA MEMBERS </b> </p>
<p> Nicole Ballon-Lando Landa </p><p> Aspen Jordan</p><p> Sarah Dewey</p>
<p> Emily Schwab</p><p> Holly Crane</p><p> Lucy Rollins</p><p> Kelsey Conklin</p><p> Michelle Rodriguez</p>
<p> Nancy Worley</p><p> Holly Fisher</p><p> Sandy Shedd</p><p> Andrea Lindsay</p>
<p> Su-Young Kim</p>
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