Queer Student Union

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'''Meetings are Tuesday nights at 8 P. M. in Hardy House. All are welcome, and there are frequently snacks.'''
The current 2010-2011 board consists of Michael Semensi '12 and Gabrielle Joffe '11 (co-chairs), Carrie Tribble '13 (MinCo Rep), Veronica Rabelo '11 (Treasurer), Rhianna Alyxander '13 and Kate Flanagan '14 (Co-Social Coordinators), Jonathan Schmeling '12 (Publicity Coordinator), Christopher Holland '11 (Political Education Coordinator), Rachel Nguyen '14 (First-year Rep.), Gulya Radjapova '14 (Secretary).
Check out their [ website] under the Multicultural Center and their independent [ website] for all things LGBTQ related on campus.