Newell House

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Newell House is an additional housing space buttressing the back of [[Garfield House]]. Originally designed as a custodian shanty for the sprawling filth of Garfield, it was converted into a dormitory space in 1942 and was officially dedicated in honor of [[Newell]] Garfield, the beloved grandson of [[James R. Garfield]] and great-grandson of United States President [[James A. Garfield]]. The tiny addition houses two floors and is connected to the main building of Garfield by a sloping ramp. There were originally some reservations about building the addition, given Williamstown lore that a Native American Shaman's layer had once adorned the ground on which Newell now resides. However, after several paranormal experts were brought in to sample the area in the early 1950s, it was determined that whatever spirits had once inhabited the land had also decided that it was permissible for a student dormitory to be built on it.