Basement Boyz

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Located in the hallowed underground of [[Fay]], the Basement Boyz are were said to be the five most breathtaking men on campus. Notorious for their dance party entry snacks in the basement in which pizza, bread sticks, mozarella sticks, two disco balls, a strobe light, a fog machine and some bumping tunes all were present to create the BEST entry snacks ever! The only minor problem that occured was that the fog set off the fire alarm and all residents of Fay were forced to go outside while security came and shut it off.
Room 001 is was famous for being constantly beaten and just generally demolished by the inhabitants of 003. Room 002 is was known for the guitar/french horn playing minstrel that resides resided there in his luxurious single double-sized room[[dingle]].
The Basement Boyz also pioneered a new sport, soon to be featured in the Olympics, known as [[Hallway Bowling]].