In Support of the Log

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On January 27, College Council passed the following resolution in support of re-opening the log. If you support the following resolution, please add your name to the petition.
Introduced on January 13, 2010
Author(s): Ifiok Inyang ’11�11Co-Sponsor(s): Michael Tcheyan ’10 �10 and Emanuel Yekutiel
A statement of support and sponsorship for the reopening of The Log
WHEREAS A reopened Log could serve as a venue for a diverse array of students, faculty, staff, and authorized guests to come together and share in an eclectic blend of positive social activities.
WHEREAS A reopened Log will have a subdued, pub-like atmosphere that encourages moderation: Programming plans include events such as open mic nights and literary readings along with pub quizzes and other creative events � no dance parties.
WHEREAS Along with a selection of alcoholic beverages, the bar will also serve juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, gourmet sandwiches, baked goods, and light snacks.
2. Endorses and agrees to sponsor the reopened Log as a vital and beneficial student space.
3. Commits up to $20,000 to financially supporting the reopening of the Log through the means at its disposal should the operation run a deficit. This guarantee is contingent upon the College administration’s administration�s approval of a plan to reopen the Log as a bar as well as the administration’s administration�s support for the startup costs of this project. The amount of guaranteed financial support is significant in relation to the semester operating costs of the Log.
4. Will devise a means for financing deficits should the Log run them, to be determined by the Treasurer in consultation with other Council members.