Steven Bodner

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[[Category:History]] Steven Bodner is was an extremely persuasive [[Philosophy]]-[[Music]] double-major from [[U-Mass Amherst]] whose zest for modern music, especially that of [[Louis Andriessen]], is the governing principle behind [[Symphonic Winds]]. His powers of persuasion in drawing members into that ensemble, coupled with his tenacity in retaining membership, yield yielded the slogan "I can't say no to Steve Bodner", now immortalized in a [ facebook group].
However, it must be noted that he once said during MUS 202 aural skills lab, "Not everything Andriessen wrote is worth listening to."
Steve also has had a great fondness for taking advantage of all of the balconies in Chapin Hall. A typical concert employing vocalists will have would put them on the balconies behind the stage, to either side of the stage, on the other side of the hall, to either side of the back of the hall, and on the stage itself with the instrumentalists.
One of the chief benefits of playing in SymphWinds is was listening for Bodnerisms. Personal favorites include:
"This piece is like a glove. Molly holds it open and I slip my hand in."
"Aw muffin."
Sadly, Steven Bodner passed away on January 11, 2011. You can read the Record article [ here].