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i can walk on my hands
'''Don't be shy.''' Can you do something that other people find useful, entertaining, or impressive? Don't hide it under a bushel! Instead, post here. Put your proficiency in parentheses. Add new categories and skills as appropriate.
===Dog Bark===
[[Danny Fischler]] barks at cars, beeping alarms, and squirrels with nice legs.
[[Jono Dowse]] barks back at dogs that chase him on runs; they retreat in fear.
===Cat Meow===
[ Alexa Herlach] and she does it often.
[[Julianne Shelby]] is probably just actually a cat
===Cow Moo===
[ Samantha Peterson] can burp the alphabet. Backwards.
===Unbelievably Frightening Subsonic Beast Voice===
===I can ride a unicycle!===
[ Alex Ambros] (the 1 in 2000 girl)
[ Elissa Brown] (was in the same entry as Alex - what's the probability of ''that''?)
Abby McBride can too!
Bryan Dragon can but doesn't want anybody to know about it.
===I can walk on my hands==
[[Meredith Sopher]] thinks life is more fun upside down
===I can slackline===
[ Elissa Brown] (shakily)
[ Alex Ambros]
Dave Kleinschmidt (if I'm lucky)
===I can juggle (balls, clubs, knives, flaming torches, etc.)===
[ Alex Ambros] (working on passing clubs)
[ Elissa Brown](see above. We'll get it eventually)
Ben Brooks (I can do everything listed in the title except "etc." Whatever that is...)
[ Jason Ren] (I can do everything listed AND Etc. I know what it is)
[ Robin Stewart] (He's the master)
[[Jacob Eisler]] '04 says his one of his two major accomplishments in high school was learning to juggle.
[ Margaret Pigman] can read and write braille, and has a braille typewriter! And, and, and! Margaret takes class notes in Braille.
[[Diana Davis]] can write holding a pencil with her toes.
[[Joseph Gangestad]] can do an uncanny Gollum (Andy Serkis)
[ Dan Wollin] can too.
And Ralph Morrison (rare talent, it seems).
[ Lisetta Shah]can find 4-leaf clovers pretty much just by looking down at the ground for a couple seconds, and sometimes without even that much effort.
[ Alex Ambros]see above, plus those trippy five and six leaf ones
==Martial Arts/Small Arms==
Andrew Triska '10 learned to fire a handgun at age 4. He has yet to perfect it.