Health Center

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Females can get STD tests for free without parental notification. This free test is for the three most common STDs including HIV.
Males can receive a free penile swab test which detects Chlamydia chlamydia and Gonorrheagonorrhea. Free HIV tests are available as well. Urine testing is available but for the cost of about $80 which may or may not be covered by your insurance plan.
Testing for other diseases and infections is availiable available but lab work must be sent to North Adams Regional Hospital and lab fees will apply. However, don't let this deter you, because your insurance may cover it if deemed "medically necessary". It's worth it to pay.
===Health Education===
The college employs a Registered Dietitian registered dietitian to assist all students with eating disorders, general nutrition questions, or planning an appropriate diet. One need not have any eating disorders to use see the nutritionist, ; it he/she is an excellent place to go resource if you want to start eating better or getting in shape. It's free to get advice and guidance on this now and once you're out on your own it will be good to know what your body needs. For appointments or information contact x3717.
===Psychological Counseling===
The health center employs a several therapists "with a wide range of experience, especially dealing with those issues that are familiar to the college-age population." The Counseling Center provides comprehensive psychological counseling to all students currently enrolled at Williams. The services include: psychiatric evaluations, short-term individual or group therapy, crisis interventions, and medication evaluation, treatment, and follow-up. (This author would like to say that probably more people than you think are seeing or have seen a counselor. It is not a sign of weakness. Even if you just want to speak confidentially with an adult, it's worth making an appointment with a counselor. It can help tremendously.)*Appointments are availiable available Monday through Friday.
The Health center has a pharmacy for ailments like colds, headaches, sore throats, congestion, etc. These drugs are free; medication over the long term is not.
Birth Control: Condoms are availiableavailable. The oral contraceptive availiable available is Cyclessa. The cost is $10.00 per cycle, which must be paid when the pills are received from the Health Center.
[ Morning After Pill:]
The morning after pill is available at Health Services. If you get the morning after pill the nursing staff will want to talk to you about birth control methods.