Door buzzer

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All doors to dormitories on campus are hooked into a system that tracks whether they are opened or closed, and if open, how long they have been open for. Furthermore, a signal is sent back through a network to [[Security]]'s main office, where an individual monitors the readout for alerts.
The door buzzer is one element of the campus security system. When a dormitory door is prevented from closing completely for more than about one minute, it sounds a loud alarm from a small speaker located next o to the door, that can be heard throughout the building. The intent is to notify any student in the dorm so that he or she will come and properly close it, because leaving a door so propped would be a security risk -- especially since a handily loud alarm alerts any passers-by with unwholesome intentions that there is a point of access open to them.
== Disabling a Door Buzzer ==
=== The Last Chapter: Buzzer Disabling Comes to Willipedia ===
In the [[Fall 2005|Fall fall of 2005]] , a student inspired by other [[Guide_to_How-Tos#Door_Modification|"Door Mischief" articles]], wrote an article on Willipedia titled "How to Disable the Buzzing of A Propped Door." It contained advice that students in any number of buzzer-related predicaments could have used towards the common weal . . . or evil, I suppose.
The article remained in place a goodly time, but about three months and hundreds of hits later its proud existence was cut short when [[Jean Thorndike]], director of [[Security]], contacted [[Evan Miller]] '06, founder of Willipedia and head of the [[Willipedia board]] with a request to have a frank chat about the article, about which she had grown concerned.
Though a fan of the article, in the course of this discussion Evan was persuaded that the article would have to go, and that Jean had made assurances that students with good reason to have a door disabled could have it done so by the above-board channels that are currently listed in this article.
And so we, who know the buzzer and its dread history imtimately, watch and wait. Is this the beginning of a new era, ushering in new cooperation between the forces of Order and the members of their protectorate, in which the pressing concerns of safety, reasonable access, and sleep will be balanced? Or are we returned to the Dark Ages, when a herald of door buzzers will sound again through the [[Purple Valley]] and, deprived of the wisdom of generations past, the people will wait for a messiah to divine again the secret of door buzzer disabling?