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Ye Olde Forge
Don't forget to have a designated driver!
This is a classic getaway, especially for upperclassmen, but over the years it has become increasingly popular among the Williams community. A perfect night at the Forge involves several of their quality beers on tap (they normally have about 15 on tap at any time in addition to almost 300 more bottled varieties available), a cup of chili with cheese and top it off with some Dean's Original wings (the buffalo style). Contrary to popular belief, the Forge also does food other than wings, some of which is also very tasty. Try the foccaccias. If you don't order wings make sure your get a side of Deans sauce to dip in.
On the poster above the urinal in the male bathroom you may witness ongoing communication between two 05's (Shokstar and Z-mac) who loved the place more than anything else and still return there every other weekend despite having graduated and living several hours away.
The butternut squash quesadillas are really good. <strike>But not as good as the Deans, which are greatthe best ever.</strike> It's all about the Buff Orpingtons, baby -- sweet and gooey and a Forge exclusive.
Williams College connection: The Forge is run by a former Faculty House chef. The weekends produce an absolute mad house ... find a good weekday night to dine.