Lehman Community Service Council

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∑ o Thoughout the manual you may see _____ after prompts to write down any useful information. We do this because *you* know better than anyone the most pertinent information for your group. As mentioned in the continuity section, this information becomes a valuable resource in the future. <br>∑ o WSO has created a wiki. Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Basically it means that even the most technology challenged individual can update a page. <br>∑ o Wiki technology is relevant to you because it allows you to update your group’s page full of this information.<br>∑ o The Lehman Community Service Council wiki page is located at [ ]<br>o Or you can go to the WSO homepage and click on the Wiki link on the sidebar. And do a search for Lehman Community Service Council.<br>∑ o At the Lehman wiki page are links to all of your groups. <br>∑ o You can click on the appropriate link to your group and begin editing that page, adding contacts, dates, and other useful information.<br>∑ o Directions on editing a page are located at It really is as easy as clicking ‘edit this page’ , typing onto the page, and then clicking ‘save page’. o Whenever you click ‘edit this page’, a tool bar will come up that will allow you to add any fancy formatting, like links or images if you so choose. <br>∑ o We will at the end of the year compile any of the edits that have been made and update accordingly next year’s group head manual.Thank you so much! <br>