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Williams students on [[Dining Services]]' full board plan receive 10 "guest mealsswipes" each semester that they may use to have anyone dine free at any meal. The guest may be any person but the cardholder, and the meal may be any meal at any [[dining hall]], even [[special dinner]]sor [[snar].
"Guest mealswipe" is used as a noun or a transitive verb, as in the following plausible conversation:
:"Hey, how many guest meals swipes do you have left?":"I'm down to nine. Last week I guest mealed my buddy visiting from Wesleyan."
If you are having long-term or numerous guests and want them to be able to eat at the dining hall, you can "recharge" your guest meals by "losing" your ID and buying a new one from Security CSS for $15. This restores your 10 guest meals, so that you can get 10 guest meals for $15 -- not a bad deal, if you plan to use a lot of them.
(Note: I have heard that this works, but have never actually tried it myself.)
As of 2019, the term "guest meal" has fallen out of fashion; today "guest swipe" is used in much the same fashion.