Frosh Revue

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What is [[Frosh Revue]]?
rule #1: No matter who you ask, no questions matter when you ask, no matter how you ask, it will always be abundantly unclear what Frosh Revue actually is, even to the people who are a part of it. It is equal parts cult, theater troupe, dance team, fraternity (but one of the nerdy ones), and spiritual awakening. Each year, auditions are held for Frosh Revue, where incoming frosh are given 10 minutes in front of the directors of the group to do absolutely anything they want.  ==='''Legendary Past Auditions'''===In 2018, someone's audition consisted of sitting down in frosh revuea large beanbag chair, taking their shirt off, opening a packet of dry ramen and eating the entire thing (including the spice pack) without water, and watching vine compilations. In 2017, someone's audition was just an oral presentation of Shark Boy and Lava Girl fan-fiction.