Frosh Revue

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Approximately 10 freshman are selected to be a part of the group, and they proceed to rehearse almost every single night of the first half of fall semester in order to put on a semi-comedy, semi-improv, semi-dance, semi-propaganda ad for [[Family Days]]. They spend so much time together that they basically become family!
==='''Legendary Past Auditions'''===
In 2018, someone's audition consisted of sitting down in a large beanbag chair, taking their shirt off, opening a packet of dry ramen and eating the entire thing (including the spice pack) without water, and watching vine compilations.
In 2017, someone's audition was just an oral presentation of Shark Boy and Lava Girl fan-fiction.
===Past Shows===
Frosh Revue 2018: The Froshank Redemption
===Past (technically current, because Frosh Revue IS NEVER OVER!!!) Members===
====Class of 2022 Frosh====
Melvin Lewis
Aliya Klein
Regina Fink
Allyse Pratt
Eva Castagna
Eric Tran
Benjamin Baily
Whit Jackson
Aidan Dunkelberg